The Benefits of Competition

Competition. Is there anything more magical than going up on stage and performing for your peers and a panel of judges?

In sports, competition is a give, however, in the arts, the jury of public opinion is still conflicted.

As we watch ten collegiate groups compete for one of the most coveted prizes in a cappella this weekend, here are a few reasons why singing competitively can be good for you:

It Forces You To Improve

By putting in the extra hours and focusing on improvement, there's no way you don't come out a better singer, performer, or even all around person at the end of the process. There's something about the focus of working on the goal of winning that can bring out the best in people - making them dig deep, find ways to improve, and work towards a better self.

It Highlights Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The best way to win a competition is to showcase your strengths and diminish your weaknesses. To do this, each singer and group must have an honest conversation with themselves about what exactly those strengths and weaknesses those are so you can put together a plan to make them work for you.

It Advances the Art Form

Competition draws out innovation, inspiration, and creativity - all things that make everyone better. The stakes get higher every year - so much so that groups that won several years back may not even place in today's lineup. When a top group raises the bar, it doesn't take long for other groups to start working towards the new standard for excellence.

You Learn From Your Competition

You've seen the football locker room scenes where they analyze the game tapes, right? It's not uncommon for competing a cappella groups to do the same. Following other groups that are working towards being their best in turn makes more groups inspired to be their best.

It Fights Complacency

Maybe you do just want to sing for fun - and that's okay. But pushing yourself to compete makes you less willing to settle for just "good enough."

It Prepares You For Challenges in Life

Learning to work together towards a goal, overcoming obstacles, solving problems, accepting responsibility, taking risks, and facing fears are all part of everyday life. Isn't nice that you can learn these skills just by singing with your friends?

2020 #BHSJAX Recap


After an exciting convention, new champions were named and BHS looks ahead to the International Convention in LA this July.

Hearsay Named Senior Quartet Champions

After an exciting day of contest, the Barbershop Harmony Society named Hearsay the 2020 International Senior Quartet Champions. 

A Joyful Noise at #BHSJAX

From Disney, to The Beatles, to barbershop classics, the youngest and oldest talent of the Barbershop Harmony Society shared the stage at the Florida Theatre in a marathon of chorus performances today at the BHS Midwinter Convention in Jacksonville.

Historic Day 1 at #BHSJAX

Day One at the Barbershop Harmony Society Midwinter Convention in Jacksonville started off the weekend strong with education, the Keynote Address, the 2nd ever NextGen Junior Quartet Contest, and a Champion-packed Opening Night Showcase.

The Future of Barbershop Shines at #BHSJAX

The teens of BHS took the stage as the NextGen Junior Quartet Contest enters its second year.

Debbie Cleveland Delivers Keynote About "The Families We Choose"

Ahead of the first contest at BHS Midwinter Convention in Jacksonville, Debbie Cleveland delivered the Keynote.

Chords Will Ring in Jacksonville


Pre-convention activities are underway in Jacksonville ahead of a sold out Midwinter Convention for the Barbershop Harmony Society.

2019: A Year in Review

2019 was full of aca-happenings. Here are some of the notable moments in the last year of vocal music.

Hot Pursuit Crowned 2019 Harmony Queens

It was a strong afternoon of singing at the Harmony, Inc. Quartet Finals, where Hot Pursuit was named the 2019 Harmony Queens. Scoring an 81.5%, Hot Pursuit now joins the welcome company of the Association of Harmony Queens.

Record Breaking Chorus Contest at Harmony, Inc.

With a score of 83.7% (1507) A Cappella Showcase took home their third gold medal at the 2019 Harmony, Inc. IC&C with the second highest chorus score ever. As expected, the chorus contest was exciting and hotly contested with runners-up Northern Blend finishing just 7 points behind A Cappella Showcase with an 83.3% (1500). It was the first time Harmony, Inc. saw not one, but two scores above an 83% in the same contest.