2022 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention

Stage is Set for Quartet Finals

Stage is Set for Quartet Finals

The Semifinals at BHS Charlotte leave the audience eager for what's expected to be a true throwdown in the Quartet Finals on Saturday.

Jul 8, 2022 by FloVoice Staff
Stage is Set for Quartet Finals

It was a memorable night in the Spectrum Center as the world's top 20 quartets battled it out for a coveted spot in the finals. Here are some of the highlights:

Seasoned international competitors 'Round Midnight kicked off the evening in their signature relaxed rat pack vibe. The set was highlighted by a masterclass in emotional storytelling. 'Round Midnight will perform 2nd in the finals.

The Core brought unfamiliar songs to the stage, but delivered them with passion. As always, their tags brought the house down. The Core finished 11th.

Gimme Four is a relatively new face to many, but the crowd was visibly and audibly eager to hear them again. The quartet gave the audience back that love with a great connection and an incredibly expressive lead performance. The crowd could not wait to get on their feet at the end of the set. Gimme Four will appear 4th in the finals.

Harmonic Thunder sung a great arrangement of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and showcased their individual part superpowers with their interpretation of "Don't Be a Baby, Baby." The quartet finished 18th.

The Yonge Guns made their first appearance in the semifinals and we think they may have been a little taken aback to make it this far. But, as always, they put on an entertaining set, putting a little musical theater feel on the package. Their talent was rewarded and the group finished in 12th.

Fleet Street was up next and, wow, does their lead know how to sell a song! Their performance was packed with style, charisma, emotion, and character, putting them in a respectable and exciting 15th place finish.

Quorum, a favorite to win it all based on scores going into International, brought deep emotion and unit energy to their semis performance. The crowd was treated to a stunning bass solo by Gary Lewis, who, if Quorum wins, is up for his 3rd gold medal, on a 3rd part. Quorum takes the penultimate slot in the finals.

Clutch.... how could be any more excited for this group? After several years as the mic tester, their smooth and seemingly effortless set earned them a seat at the table. Clutch will take the finals stage 8th on Saturday evening.

Half & Half brought out two favorites from their catalog - Give Me the Simple Life and This Time Around. Lead Jenni Sheets gave us raw, emotional energy and the crowd loved every minute of it. What a stellar debut for the Society's first mixed semifinalist quartet, as the group finished 14th overall.

Midtown, medalists in Salt Lake City, closed out the first half with a set packed with vocal gymnastics and a stellar visual performance. Between Half & Half and Midtown, the Center felt truly electric and infused with high energy. Midtown will perform 6th on Saturday.

Harmonium brought us back from the break with a strong music performance giving them a 20th place finish. In a uniquely barbershop moment, dad got to do a follow up performance by his son in Midtown.

Artistic License followed up with a short and sweet performance that landed them in spot number 5 in the finals.

Momma's Boys were nothing short of adorable, giving the audience some well-delivered classic barbershop charts. They landed in 16th in their first semifinal appearance.

First Take was arguably the highlight of the night. The dynamics, the emotional delivery, the incredible vocal delivery from Lead Tony Colosimo. And that TENOR finish - it's already being listed with the greats in the online barbershop community. No one in the house was surprised to hear their name called for the finals. They'll sing 3rd.

The Ladies lit up the stage again, first taking us to a place of true sorrow with their rendition of "When Sunny Gets Blue." Their faces showed so much genuine pain we felt the need to check on them after the show! Another standing ovation and the quartet will lead off the evening, drawing Finals spot number 1.

GQ took the stage next and brought some fire to their take on "There Are Worse Things I Could Do." Rizzo herself couldn't have delivered it better. They followed that up with their uptune "I've Got a New Baby" that lit up the crowd and earned a standing ovation. GQ drew lucky number 7 for the finals.

The hits kept coming as Throwback took the stage, delivering a sincere message in their sleek, powerful, classic style that leaves the audience always wanting more. Year after year, Throwback wows and this performance was no difference. They'll close out Finals tomorrow evening.

Wildfire, the outgoing Varsity Quartet champions, got their first crack at the semifinals on the big stage and they savored every minute of it. Graduating the big leagues looks good on these guys. Our bets are that last night's 17th place finish is just the beginning of their Open division appearances.

Boomtown gave the audience a big dose of fun with their opener, "Heard it Through The Grapevine" which was dance-in-your-seat level joy. A 19th place finish and hopes that we'll be hearing chants of "BOOM" in the international audience for years to come.

Finally, InVoice wrapped up the night taking David Wright and Patrick McAlexander charts to the stage and more than doing them justice. It's never a bad night when we get to hear "The Way You Look Tonight" sung beautifully! InVoice finished in 13th place.

And the scores did not disappoint. While we won't know the scores for the top 10 until after tomorrow's finals, mic testers The Core finished in 11th with an 84.4 in the Quarters and 84.1 in the Semis, meaning all top 10 finalists have a score that averages well over 84.