2018 Harmony, Incorporated IC&C Draw Announced

This weekend the International Board of Directors for Harmony, Incorporated convened in the Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters in Nashville, TN. Along with the board retreat, they also announced the draw for the 2018 International Convention and Contests happening in Orlando (and right here on FloVoice!) October 31-November 4. 

President Christina Lewellen led the draw and here is the order you can look forward to for the fall!

Silver Division

  1. SHADES OF HARMONY (Area 5 - London, ON)
  2. Harmony Sound Waves (Area 6 - New Smyrna Beach, FL)
  3. Harmony Falls (Area 3 - Trumansburg, NY)
  4. South Lake A Capella Chorus (Area 6 - Oakland, FL)

The winner of the Silver Division will qualify to sing third in the Chorus Contest

Quartet Contest

 1. Bluebird (Area 5 - The Over-Tones, Inc.)

     Members: Stephanie Fournier, Amy Chop, Dani Williams, Jenn Haines

 2. Firestorm (Area 3 - Northern Blend)

     Members: Marty Martinez, Dorene Dickerson, Jeannie Sherman Greenwood, Patricia Gorman

 3. enJOY! (Area 1 - ScotianAires & Valley Voices)

     Members: Judy Robichaud, Jennifer Cleveland, Sue Kember, Jane Fritz

 4. Friendzie (Area 4 - Village Vocal Chords)

      Members: Jennifer Wheaton, Lynn Randall, Kathleen Knopoff, Lauren Lindeman

 5. Rogue (Area 3 - Bella Nova)

      Members: Christina Lewellen, Kris Adams, Judy Rector, Annie Ermlick

 6. Lip Service (Area 3 - Northern Blend)

     Members: Cait Schadock, Jodi Castello, Mary Ann Wert, Taralee Lashway

 7. Kentucky Blend (Area 4 - Bluegrass Harmony)

      Members: Chie Ozaki, Valinda Petri, Michelle Evans, Margie Dimond

 8. True Colors (Area 2 - New England Voices in Harmony & Notable Blend)

      Members: Kate Steer, Jen Selby, Angie Dolber, Gayle Ellwood

 9. T4 (Area 4 - Associates, Missouri)

      Members: Melissa VanHousen, Chacey Rembecki, Kristin Drummond-Mance, Wendy Spilker

 10. The Karamels (Area 4 - Village Vocal Chords)

      Members: Karen Benjamin, Claudia Prokupek, Melanie Concklin, Allynn Kairis

 11. Tonic! (Area 1 - ScotianAires)

      Members: Mary Gareau, Marion Fraser-Pritchard, Cathy Hunter, Adele Merritt

 12. Balancing Act (Area 2 - Montreal City Voices, Northern Blend & Associates)

      Members: Tracey Larder, Morgan Lacroix, Stacy Hugman-Frenette, Cathy Speirs

 13. HALO (Area 3 - Bella Nova & Associates)

      Members: Shana Oshiro, Portia Pitts, Niambi Powell-Stewart, Jasmine Barnes

 14. Sharp Turn (Area 3 - Liberty Belles)

      Members: Ellen Stemler, Anne Bureau, Monica Walsh, Linda Franco

 15. High Five (Area 5 - A Cappella Showcase & Associate)

      Members: Denise Keleher, Karen Hosler, Julie Rushton, Julia McGregor

16.   In A Chord (Area 6 - Sisters of Sound)

      Members: Kristin Gunasekera, Tiana Sandh, Mary Ann Cantwell, Emily Kurz

17. Just Jump! (Area 5 - Chord Spinners & Associates)

      Members: Linda Hilko, Barbara Hodge, Kathy Hanneson, J.J. Piccolotto

18. UpScale (Area 2 - The Barre-Tones)

     Members: April Knight, Carolynn O'Donnell, Trecia Pallman-Hamilton, Carol Hollenbeck

19. Family Fun (Area 2 - New England Voices in Harmony & Bella Nova)

      Members: Diane Fagerstrom, Carey Fagerstrom, Samantha Tramack, Renee Tramack

20. ZEST (Area 3 - Crystal Chords)

      Members: Karla Terry, Brooke Olson, Ann Wilcox, Jessica Rhodes

21. Entourage (Area 3 - Bella Nova & Associate)

      Members: Heidi Brown, Alessandra Daigneault, Dawn Haggerty, Sandy Feran Knapp

22. Something Good (Area 6 - Atlanta Harmony Celebration!)

      Members: Sarai Velasquez, Ellen Messer, Elie Alexander, Meg Westover

23. SweetLife (Area 2 - Sounds of the Seacoast & Associate)

      Members: Samantha Wiggin, Andrea Hutchings, Michelle McDonald, Shirley Dion

24. Skyfall (Area 5 - A Cappella Showcase, Toronto Accolades & Associate)

      Members: Voula Coronios, Liz Travis, Wendy Arnold, Susanne Hasulo

25. Shirahz (Area 5 - Associates)

      Members: Claire McMartin, Mary Allin, Judi Johnston, Charlann Lamb

26. In Cahoots! (Area 2 - The Barre-Tones, Inc.)

      Members: Sue Nevins, Becky Senesac, Lisa Parro, Susan Klein

27. It’s About Time (Area 4 - Associates)

      Members: Chris Falk, Nancy Beyer, Vicki Powers, Kathy Buss

28. Aged To Perfection (Area 2 - Sounds of the Seacoast, Valley Harmony & Associate)

      Members: Gaye LaCasce, Alexa Beal, Ellie Pomer, Kathy Pomer

29. Kismet (Area 2 - Sounds of the Seacoast, New England Voices in Harmony & Associate)

      Members: Wendi-Lee Bailey, Susan Prescott, Elizabeth LeClair, Deborah Bartol

Chorus Contest

  1. CHORD SPINNERS (Area 5 - St. Jacobs, ON)
  2. Limestone City Chorus (Area 5 - Kingston, ON)
  4. Bluegrass Harmony (Area 4 - Louisville, KY)
  5. Atlanta Harmony Celebration! (Area 6 - Atlanta, GA)
  6. Capital Chordettes, Inc. (Area 5 - Ottawa, ON)
  7. Liberty Belles (Area 3 - Lansdale, PA)
  8. Covered Bridge Harmony (Area 4 - Greencastle, IN)
  9. New England Voices in Harmony (Area 2 - Nashua, NH)
  10. Sisters of Sound (Area 6 - Clermont, FL)
  11. The ScotianAires (Area 1 - Halifax, NS)
  12. A Cappella Showcase (Area 5 - Milton, ON)
  13. A Cappella South (Area 6 - Metro Atlanta, GA)
  14. Sounds of the Seacoast (Area 2 - Portsmouth, NH)
  15. Village Vocal Chords (Area 4- Metro Chicago, IL)
  16. Bella Nova Chorus (Area 3 - Herndon, VA)
  17. Women of Note (Area 2 - Hudson, MA)
  18. Sound Celebration (Area 4 - Plymouth, WI)
  19. Niagara Frontier Chord Authority (Area 3 - Amherst, NY)
  20. Crystal Chords (Area 3 - Corning, NY)
  21. Unaccompanied Minors (Area 6 - Clermont, FL)
  22. Barre-Tones, Inc. (Area 2 - Barre, VT)

Watch the draw here:

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