IEM Theory & Practice With Tony Huerta

In-ear monitors are game changers. The first thing Varsity Vocals’ Aca Open champions Women of the World said they’d do with their $25K prize this past weekend was to get IEMs.

If it’s all about tuning, timing, balance, and blend, then in-ears certainly give you an edge.

CASA President Tony Huerta shared another vlog with us, this one focussing on the theory and practice behind in-ear monitors.

Part 1: Why In-Ears Are a Game Changer

Now that we’ve gotten our feet wet and have a few tip and tricks under our belts, let’s tour a bit of the tech!

Part 2: Vocalosity IEM Tech Tour

Next up, listen in to an actual IEM mix from Take 6!

Part 3: Hear Take 6 As Take 6 Hears Take 6

Now that we’ve experience a bit of Take 6 on IEMs, let's move back over to Vocalosity to hear what kind of information they get fed.

Part 4: Pitch & Click

Let's bring it all together with a Vocalosity IEM mix.

Part 5: Vocalosity IEM Mix

We finally get to meet the cast of Vocalosity in part 6 for some sweet, sweet closure.

Part 6: Vocalosity Sound Check

Who's In-Ear Mix Would You Like To Hear?

5 Great Moments From The 2019 Barbershop Harmony International Convention

Unfortunately for a capella fans everywhere, the 2020 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention, which had been scheduled to take place in Los Angeles this summer, was canceled due to concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus. 

2020 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention Has Been Canceled

2020 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention has been canceled.  See Barbershop Harmony Society's message here.

Back to Basics: The Importance of Traditional Choral Singing

Contemporary singing ensembles are rapidly gaining popularity in scholastic music programs. It seems that every school now has a pop or a cappella program alongside their traditional ensembles. Is the classical sound getting lost in the mix?

2020 #BHSJAX Recap


After an exciting convention, new champions were named and BHS looks ahead to the International Convention in LA this July.

Hearsay Named Senior Quartet Champions

After an exciting day of contest, the Barbershop Harmony Society named Hearsay the 2020 International Senior Quartet Champions. 

A Joyful Noise at #BHSJAX

From Disney, to The Beatles, to barbershop classics, the youngest and oldest talent of the Barbershop Harmony Society shared the stage at the Florida Theatre in a marathon of chorus performances today at the BHS Midwinter Convention in Jacksonville.

Historic Day 1 at #BHSJAX

Day One at the Barbershop Harmony Society Midwinter Convention in Jacksonville started off the weekend strong with education, the Keynote Address, the 2nd ever NextGen Junior Quartet Contest, and a Champion-packed Opening Night Showcase.

The Future of Barbershop Shines at #BHSJAX

The teens of BHS took the stage as the NextGen Junior Quartet Contest enters its second year.

Debbie Cleveland Delivers Keynote About "The Families We Choose"

Ahead of the first contest at BHS Midwinter Convention in Jacksonville, Debbie Cleveland delivered the Keynote.

Chords Will Ring in Jacksonville


Pre-convention activities are underway in Jacksonville ahead of a sold out Midwinter Convention for the Barbershop Harmony Society.