#Top10 A Cappella Airplane Performances

#Top10 A Cappella Airplane Performances

Here are the #Top10 A Cappella Airplane Performances!

Aug 28, 2017 by Evan Feist
#Top10 A Cappella Airplane Performances
As FloVoice prepares to leave sunny Honolulu after a week with Take 6, we're a little worried about our flight.

Plane delays are not fun.

Being stuck on the tarmac, away from the glamour of airport shops is stressful.

It's hot, there's no cell service, and wifi doesn't work yet. It's the opposite of a good time.

That is, unless you're lucky enough to receive some very special in-flight entertainment.

David Holmes - The Rapping Flight Attendant 

Here are the #Top10 A Cappella Airplane Performances!


Boston's AHMIR, who has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, sang the National Anthem on a flight back to Boston.  

With roots in the Boys Choir of Harlem and Berklee College of Music, their level of musicality is on point.

Are you one of their more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers?

9. Capital University Chapel Choir

En route to one of their many tour destinations, the Capital University Chapel Choir sang the South African song "Shosholoza" for a plane full of folks.

Beyond mission trips and tours, CUCC took gold medals in both the Mixed Choir and Musica Sacra competitions at the 2012 World Choir Games.

8. Baylor University Men's Choir

The Baylor University Men's Choir sang "The Coconut Song" on the way to Kenya.  

The choir teamed up with Emirates Airline to produce this gem complete with "plane choreography".

7. Lycée des Garçons d'Esch-sur-Alzette

Flying from Chicago to Brussels was Captain Ron Smith's last flight. After the flight, the captain was ushered into retirement with the very appropriate "Viva La Vida".

Little did these students know that Coldplay was one of Cap. Smith's favorites bands!

6. Lee University Campus Choir

This performance came about when a flight attendant noticed the Lee University Campus Choir on-board and asked for a performance!

It definitely pays to travel in matching attire!


FORK, one of the world's greatest rock a cappella groups, teamed up with Finnair to give passengers an on-mic performance unlike anything anyone's ever seen before!

This is a bit of the lighter side of FORK.

4. Gavin DeGraw

Having a pop star on board rarely ends with a free and intimate live performance.

Luckily, Gavin DeGraw is all about having spontaneous fun!

3. Port City Sound

This flight to New Orleans delayed for maintenance after everyone had boarded.  You can imagine how cranky these people got!

The mood for the entire 5 hour flight was airborne once the award-winning Port City Sound took the "stage".

2. Vintage Mix

Teenage quadruplets Vintage Mix serenaded passengers on their way to the Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention immediately after killing it at Camp A Cappella.

1. Cast of The Lion King

The Australian cast of the Lion King was on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney and treated these passengers to an incredible rendition of "Circle of Life".

We're so glad cast member Toni Stewart was able to capture this!

Have you ever seen one of these kinds of performances?

Next time you're on a plane with your friends, sing for your fellow passengers.
Don't forget to send us the video, of course!


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