2017 Irish International A Cappella Festival

Ardú Hosts Irish A Cappella Fest LIVE Only on FloVoice

Ardú Hosts Irish A Cappella Fest LIVE Only on FloVoice

The first Irish International A Capella Festival is set to stream live on FloVoice this Saturday from Dublin.

Jul 12, 2017 by Evan Feist
Ardú Hosts Irish A Cappella Fest LIVE Only on FloVoice
The first Irish International A Capella Festival is streaming live on FloVoice this Saturday from Dublin.

The event is hosted by Irish a cappella group Ardú, and their alto Leanne Fitzgerald is also acting as the festival manager. Fitzgerald says she's "only too well aware of Ireland's lack of an a cappella scene."

Excepts from Ardú's Contemporary Concert "ConTempo NOVA"

"There are so many choirs here, but a cappella singing hasn't really taken off," Fitzgerald said. "Even barbershop has its own convention in Cork every October.  So to see that there was a real gap in the market was really quite shocking for us, and we were a bit jealous to see the platforms for a cappella in America where a cappella is so huge. In the UK and Europe you have all these groups like The King Singers and The Swingles who are really, really cool." 

FloVoice is streaming LIVE from Dublin on Saturday, July 15!

Ardú's 2015 appearance at the London A Cappella Festival was a transformative one, and the group felt called to bring a similar event to Ireland.

"That was a really inspiring trip for us to see the audiences they were able to attract and the different variety of groups they had performing," Fitzgerald said. "They had the London Youth Choir and The Swingles, and we were absolutely blown away by it.

"We were like, we need [a festival] in Ireland, especially for our group and the type of music we're singing. We don't really have any other type of platform -- we've gone to all the choral festivals in Ireland and we really enjoy all those experiences but to have a dedicated musical platform for the type of music we want to perform would be great."

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