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The Hogwarts of A Cappella is Hiring

The Hogwarts of A Cappella is Hiring

A Cappella Academy needs a managing director; is it you? The Hogwarts of a cappella is hiring

Apr 18, 2017 by Evan Feist
The Hogwarts of A Cappella is Hiring
The A Cappella Academy has been around for four years and started with a tweet.

A Cappella Academy co-founder and Pentatonix singer Avi Kaplan had a simple idea: to create a summer camp where talented young musicians could come to learn and share his love of vocal music. Seeing the prophetic tweet, Sing-Off arrangers Robert Dietz and Ben Bram immediately reached out to Avi and joined his effort to make the camp a reality.

Now, with four successful years behind them, the plot of land in Los Angeles has become a college campus, and the log cabin has become classrooms and dormitories. But the dream remains the same: to build a family, learning and working together to create world-class a cappella music.

Academy Choir - Wade in the Water 
9Live (Assembled at A Cappella Academy) - Animals by Marron 5

The A Cappella Academy is looking to add a crucial permanent position to be at the core of its organization. After four years of handling most duties of A Cappella Academy's operation, the founders (Bram, Dietz, and Kaplan) are ready to hand over many of their pre-camp responsibilities to a brand new managing director. This person will lighten their load and give them the freedom to begin to expand the organization in exciting new ways! Additionally, this person will also take over the duties of the current administrative assistant.

"We see this position as one with a ton of possibilities," Bram said. "As the organization grows into new areas, we will encourage the managing director to take an active and creative role in helping us develop. We're looking for someone who can follow directions and complete tasks as well as offer insight, take initiative, and lead when the time is right!"

Are you passionate about the A Cappella Academy and personally invested in a mission to inspire, educate, and engage with talented young vocalists from all over the world?

If so, apply here!

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