picture of Varsity Vocals' 2017 Aca Open

Varsity Vocals, home of the ICCA and ICHSA, has announced a new competition without age group or size limits and a grand prize of $25K!

Northwestern Finalist: JANE

Southwestern Finalist: Legacy

Midwestern Finalist: Vocalight

Mid-Atlantic Finalist: Transit 

New England Finalist: Women of the World

Northeastern Finalist: Backtrack

International Finalist: NoVI

Wild Card Finalist: The Quintessence

2017 ICCA Champions: Northeastern University Nor'Easters

2017 ICHSA Champions: Oakland School of the Arts Vocal Rush

Each finalist won a semifinal in their region except for NoVI and the Quintessence, which earned their bids to play at Carnegie Hall through video submission.

The Nor'Easters and Vocal Rush were extended and invitation due to their current standing as Varsity Vocals champions.