2018 BHS International Convention
Jul 3-7
Orlando, FL

International Chorus Contest

Mic-Tester: THX (SUN) Sunrise, FLDirected by Alex Rubin

1. Downeasters (NED) Portland, MEDirected by Jay Wiley
2. Sound of Illinois (ILL) Bloomington, ILDirected by Terry Ludwig
3. Harbourtown Sound (ONT) Hamilton, ONDirected by Jordan Travis
4. The Brothers in Harmony (MAD) Hamilton Square, NJDirected by Jack Pinto
5. Alexandria Harmonizers (MAD) Alexandria, VA - Directed by Joe Cerutti
6. Great Lakes Chorus (PIO) Grand Rapids, MIDirected by Jamie Carey
7. Big Orange Chorus (SUN) Jacksonville Big ODirected by Jay Giallombardo
8. Fog City Singers (FWD) Barbary Coast, CADirected by Chris Lewis
9. The Westminster Chorus (FWD) Westminster, CADirected by Justin Miller 
10. The Squares Quartet Singers Association (EVG) Southwest British ColumbiaDirected by Sean Huston
11. The Vocal Majority (SWD) Dallas Metro, TXDirected by Greg Clancy
12. Pathfinder Chorus (CSD) Fremont, NEDirected by Greg Johnson and Dave Pinkall
13. Vocal FX (BHNZ) Wellington, New ZealandDirected by Charlotte Murray and Jeff Hunkin
14. West Towns Chorus (ILL) Chicagoland West Suburban, ILDirected by Carrie Marcotte
15. Carolina Vocal Express (NSC) Rocky Mount, NCDirected by Dale Comer
16. Sound of the Rockies (RMD) Denver Mile High, CODirected by Mark Hale
17. Great Plains Harmony (LOL) Fargo-Moorhead, NDDirected by Sheila Childs
18. SmorgasChorus (CSD) South Central Kansas - Directed by Matt Webber
19. Space City Sound Chorus (SWD) Houston Metro Area, TXDirected by Matt Swann 
20. Saltaires (RMD) Wasatch Front, UTDirected by John Sasine
21. Harmonic Collective (SLD) Liverpool, NYDirected by Amanda Harris
22. Thoroughbreds (CAR) Louisville, KYDirected by Drew Wheaton
23. The EntertainMen (SNOBS) Stockholm, SwedenDirected by Johan Wikström and Björn Lindström
24. Heralds of Harmony (SUN) Tampa, FLDirected by Tony De Rosa and Clay Hine
25. The Marcsmen (SWD) San Marcos, TXDirected by Brent Dunavant
26. The Great Western Chorus (BABS) Bristol, UKDirected by Linda Corcoran
27. Music City Chorus (DIX) Nashville, TNDirected by Dusty Schleier
28. The Men of Independence (JAD) Independence, OH - Directed by Gary Lewis
29. Southern Gateway Chorus (JAD) Western Hills (Cincinnati), OHDirected by Jeff Legters 
30. Parkside Harmony (MAD) Hershey, PADirected by Sean Devine and Jay Butterfield

International Quartet Contest

1. BoomTown (CSD)
2. Trocadero (SNOBS)
3. Let’s Sing! (NSC)
4. Rhapsody (SWD)
5. Forecast (MAD)
6. Showpiece (SWD)
7. Stockholm Syndrome (SNOBS)
8. Route 1 (MAD)
9. Maelstrom (RMD)
10. Pratt Street Power (MAD)
11. The Hemidemisemiquaver 4 (PIO)
12. The Crew (JAD)  
13. Second Wind (RMD)
14. Throwback (SUN)
15. Upper Deck (PIO)
16. Supertonic (ONT)
17. Studio 4 (MAD)
18. The Newfangled Four (FWD)  
19. After Hours (ILL)
20. Speakeasy (JAD)
21. Signature (SUN)  
22. Gimme Four (MAD)  
23. The Committee (ILL)
24. Insight (CAR)
25. Odds n Ends (NED)
26. Playback (ONT)
28. Fleet Street (CSD)
29. St. Croix Crossing (LOL)
30. IFK Barbershop (SNOBS)
31. Quorum (JAD)
32. Backbeat (SNOBS)
33. Clutch (SWD)
34. The Simple Life (SUN)
35. Midnight Croon (LOL)
36. Drive (NED)
37. Suit Up! (FWD)
38. Flipside (EVG)
39. Vocality (LOL)
40. The Aristocrats (ONT)  
41. South of Normal (ILL)
42. Late Shift (CAR)
43. Artistic License (FWD)
44. OMG (ILL)
45. Portobello Road (BABS)
46. Rooftop Records (SUN)
47. Harmonium (CSD)
48. All In (SLD)
49. Frontier (PIO)
50. The Core (JAD)
51. Up All Night (MAD)
52. Category 4 (DIX)
53. Pacific Ring (EVG)

NextGen Varsity Quartet Contest

1. Roses in Blue
2. On Point
3. Barbershock
4. Wildfire
5. Wing It
6. Greenlight
7. The Tune Squad
8. One 'n Dun
9. Frontier
10. Stand-By
11. The Elite IV
12. The Reunion
13. The Aggienizors
14. One Eleven
15. 4 on Demand
16. The Eclectones
17. Thunderbolt!
18. Tagline
19. Singularity
20. Stranger Rings