picture of 2017 Aarhus Vocal Festival

Jun 2-5, 2017

Aarhus Vocal Festival is a festival for vocal enthusiasts and performers occurring every other year. It's a celebration of the immense range of expressions, genres, and talent that is found in the world of Vocal Music.

Show Results

Results from the Choral Competition and Vocal Group Competition at the 2017 Aarhus Vocal Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, on June 2-5.

2017 Aarhus Vocal Festival

Choir Competition (June 4)

1st Place

Musta Lammas (Finland)

2nd Place

Syng Selected (Denmark)

3rd Place

Dekoor Close Harmony (The Netherlands)

Most Innovative Performance

Dutch Organic Choir

Most Innovative Arrangement

Musta Lammas for their original piece, "Katse"

Vocal Group Competition (June 3)

1st Place

Elephant Claps (Italy)

2nd Place

Skety (Czech Republic)

3rd Place

SoundEscape (Germany)