2017 ICCA Finals Results
Apr 22
New York, NY
Show Results

2017 ICCA Finals Competitions
April 21st, 2017 at The Town Hall in New York, NY

Voices in Your Head | University of Chicago | Great Lakes Champion
The Beltones | Belmont University | South Champion
ScatterTones | University of California, Los Angeles | Southwest Champion
Aquapella | University of Bath | United Kingdom Champion
Ohio State of Mind | The Ohio State University | Midwest Champion
The Water Boys | University of Waterloo | Central Champion
The Trills | Towson University | Mid-Atlantic Champion
Furmata A Cappella | University of Washington | Northwest Champion
The Nor’easters | Northeastern University | Northeast Champion
Amazin’ Blue | University of Michigan | Wild Card Champion

The International Championship of High School A Cappella is produced by Varsity Vocals

2017 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Finals

1st Place: Northeastern University Nor'Easters
2nd Place: University of Chicago Voices in Your Head
3rd Place: UCLA Scattertones

  • Outstanding Soloist: Anthony Rodriguez of the Nor'easters for Writing's On The Wall
  • Outstanding Bass: Jojo Otseidu of Ohio State of Mind for the entire set
  • Outstanding Arrangement: Will Cabanis of Voices In Your Head for How Deep Is Your Love
  • Outstanding Choreography: Erin McCullough and Alexandra Graham of Aquapella for the entire set

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