The Groups You Can't Miss At 2018 Harmony Inc.

Harmony, Incorporated’s 2018 International Contest & Competition is just about to kick off and we have the scoop on which groups not to miss. 

From October 31 through November 3, Harmony, Inc.’s IC&C will hold four competitions: Quartet semifinals, Quartet finals, Silver Division, and Chorus Finals. 

Here are the choruses you won’t want to miss:


Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the ScotianAires came in 6th Place at last year’s IC&C. This year, they scored 900 at the Area 1 C&C. In 2017, they were one of the “home teams”; how will they fare traveling this year?

Sounds of the Seacoast

Area 2’s Sounds of the Seacoast from Portsmouth, NH ranked 5th at the 2017 IC&C and came out of AC&C’s with a solid score of 942. 

New England Voices in Harmony

Coming out of a third place win in 2017, Area 3’s New England Voices in Harmony planted their feet with a total score of 929 at AC&C. Will this year be the year they go all the way?!

Niagara Frontier Chord Authority 

Also from Area 3, Niagara Frontier Chord Authority left AC&C with a total score of 904. After coming in 8th at last year’s IC&C, we can’t wait to see what NFCA brings to the stage this year!

Bella Nova

Let by the soon-to-be former First Gentleman of Harmony, Inc, here is yet another Chorus from Area 3 that you simply cannot miss is Bella Nova. They took 4th place last year but scored only an 897 at AC&C, which means they’ll have a lot to prove on this year’s IC&C!

Village Vocal Chords

Not only did the Village Vocal Chords take 2nd Place last year, they’re also tied for the number one seat this year with a total score of 949 from Area 4 C&C. They are absolutely the chorus to beat this year. 

Limestone City Voices

Area 5’s Limestone City Voices also left AC&C with a total score of 949. They were not in the top of the Chorus Finals last year, which makes them a dark horse rival for the seasoned Village Vocal Chords!

A Cappella Showcase 

A Cappella Showcase is another top contender without a ranking from last year. Their Area 5 AC&C score of 940 should speak for itself!

Atlanta Harmony Celebration

Area 6 is sending Atlanta Harmony Celebration to the IC&C stage with their AC&C score of 907. Last year, they ranked 15th. Perhaps they’ll break the Top 10 this year!

After qualifying at their specific Harmony, Inc. Area Contest & Competition, Quartets compete in semifinal at the International Contest & Competition before moving on to finals. 

The groups you won’t want to miss are:

From Area 1, Tonic! scored an 886 at AC&C and left last year with 8th Place. 

Area 2 is sending two quartets, neither of which ranked last year. Yet, they both score high at AC&C Aged to Perfection with a total score of 926

True Colors with a total score of 904

Area 3 is also sending two quartets, one who medaled 3rd in 2017 and one who did not compete. With scores so close, anything could happen. 

Lip Service with a total score of 896 

@Last with an 890 total score. 

Area 4 is sending T4, with the highest qualifying score of 931. 

Area 5’s Just Jump! qualified with an 888, Area 6’s Something Good with an 883, and Balancing Act comes from “Out of Area” with a total score of 873. 

With so many variables to consider, it’s honestly next to impossible to predict how the competitions will turn. 

That being said, being right always feels good. What are you predictions for the Harmony, Inc. 2018 International Contest and Competitions?

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