World Voice Day: Taking Care Of Your Instrument

World Voice Day: Taking Care Of Your Instrument

Today is World Voice Day, and we’re going over 5 important tips about vocal care to keep you and your voice in fighting shape all year.

Apr 16, 2018 by Amanda Cornaglia

In honor of World Voice Day on April 16, we’re going over five important tips about vocal care to keep you and your voice in fighting shape all year.

Keep A Regular Sleep Schedule

Sleep is the No. 1 struggle we see in young singers. Your voice is a part of your body and you have to care for your whole body in order for your voice to perform at its best. You don’t need to go to bed early or get up early—just keep a regular sleep schedule. Avoid all-nighters at all costs! Also, avoid sleeping in until 2 PM after a late night, as it will screw up your sleep the following evening. Singing and performing on stage can be as taxing as playing a sport, so if you’re tired… go to sleep!

Hydrate… But Not Just On Stage

Ever seen the members of a vocal group all take a water break mid-set? If you’re sweating a lot under the stage lights and from the performance, having water available is absolutely necessary. Better yet, build in breaks during long sets in which members can drink their water privately in the wings. However, chugging water between songs won’t help your vocal folds. Water takes time to get to the mucous membranes in your body. You need to be hydrating leading up to a performance to help there. If you’re performing regularly, just stay hydrated all the time! 

Bass Space: Vocal Health On The Road

Vocal Health On The Road

Party In Moderation

Post-concert parties are a big part of performing. Networking, connecting with fans, and just unwinding after a competition or concert are all part of the culture. Party moderately but not for the reason you might think. 

Parties are loud. You can easily strain your voice shouting at an afterparty, especially following a concert where you’ve already worked your voice intensely. Again, listen to your body. If your voice starts feeling irritated, call it a night.

Exercise And Eat Right

Your voice is a part of your body—yes, it bears mentioning again—and in order to take care of your voice, you need to care for your body. Exercising regularly and keeping a healthy diet are key foundations for keeping your voice in tip-top shape. No need to start training for a marathon, though. Start small and find something that works for you.

Sing Every Day

This may seem counter-intuitive. Don’t we need to give our voices a rest? Yes, absolutely. It’s fine to have off-days, but our bodies like routine. Singing a little every day reminds your body and voice that, yes, this is something that will be happening all the time. If eventually being a professional singer is one of your goals, often you’ll have shows on successive days. Singing even a little bit every day will help your stamina and, like running or working out, will lead to better vocal production for the long run.