Feedback Tops An Entertaining Field At NY Sweeps

By Marc Silverberg

While New York City was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with parades, Columbia University’s Miller Theatre was hosting a celebration of its own Saturday night as six groups competed in the New York Harmony Sweepstakes.

The show began with the host group and last year’s winner, CONNECT, which briefly prepared the audience for an outstanding night of a cappella. Flawlessly hosted by Diana Preisler-Gasper, the competition was a nonstop a cappella showcase that provided the audience with six completely different interpretations of a cappella music.

Here are some of the highlights:

Feedback became the champions after its set managed to do with only three singers what most a cappella groups couldn’t do with 16 singers: entertain the audience with three original arrangements and achieve a perfect blend. Sam Nulton also won the award for Best Arrangement with his beautiful ballad “November Rain.”

Concrete closed the night with a well-rehearsed, powerful set that earned it two awards for best soloist (Jason Unger) and best vocal percussionist (Philippe Marquis).

Taking third place was the Sweet Adelines group Saffron, which won the audience over with its good old-fashioned Barbershop shtick and well-blended sound.

Repeat Offenders made the audience laugh with their rendition of the theme from "Ghostbusters" and made them cry with their rendition of "Beauty and the Beast."

Female pop group Mezzo managed to turn some heads and gain some new fans with its unique and sassy sound.

Long Island group Satellite Lane took second place with its highly original set: “A cappella The Video Game.” This set had everything from props to costumes to even special effects! For the group's efforts, Satellite Lane was voted “Audience Favorite” and won two awards for best staging (Christine Benedetti) and original song (A cappella The Video Game).

While the judges were deliberating, Sam Nulton, champion whistler, performed a duet with Steve “The Whistler” Herbst, which was immediately followed by a dramatic and powerful set from CONNECT, which showed the audience exactly why it was last year’s winner.

This night was another outstanding showcase for the New York a cappella scene. 

Hot Pursuit Crowned 2019 Harmony Queens

It was a strong afternoon of singing at the Harmony, Inc. Quartet Finals, where Hot Pursuit was named the 2019 Harmony Queens. Scoring an 81.5%, Hot Pursuit now joins the welcome company of the Association of Harmony Queens.

Record Breaking Chorus Contest at Harmony, Inc.

With a score of 83.7% (1507) A Cappella Showcase took home their third gold medal at the 2019 Harmony, Inc. IC&C with the second highest chorus score ever. As expected, the chorus contest was exciting and hotly contested with runners-up Northern Blend finishing just 7 points behind A Cappella Showcase with an 83.3% (1500). It was the first time Harmony, Inc. saw not one, but two scores above an 83% in the same contest. 

Harmony, Inc. Names Top Ten Quartets

The stage lit up all day Thursday in Sandusky with 31 international qualifiers in the Harmony, Inc. quartet semifinals. After seeing a parade of heavy hitters, big personalities, and lots of ringing chords, the coveted top ten were announced. These 10 quartets, plus a mic tester, will take the stage on Saturday at 12:30 pm EST for the quartet finals.

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Hot Chorus Contest Coming at #HI2019Sandusky

This Friday will be a clash of the titans in Sandusky, OH as the choruses of Harmony, Inc. take the stage.

Unprecedented Quartet Contest Expected in Sandusky

With less than a week to go, the excitement surrounding the 2019 Harmony, Incorporated International Convention & Contests is palpable. The contests kick off on Thursday morning with 33 qualifying quartets expected to take the stage at Kalahari Resorts and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio.

Celebrating 60 Years of Harmony, Inc.

In 1957, a significant shift of needs and ideals in the women's barbershop community led to the creation of second organization. After a struggle of meetings and debate, the Melody Belles of Rhode Island were the first chorus to officially split from Sweet Adelines, followed closely by four more choruses to pursue a different direction. These 150 women propelled the creation of what became Harmony, Incorporated.

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AcaOpen Returns to Carnegie Hall

On October 5, top groups from around the world will head to New York City to take the stage at Carnegie Hall for the third annual International Championship for A Cappella Open, better known as the AcaOpen. The Varsity Vocals contest for all ages will welcome back the 2019 ICCA Champions, the N'Harmonics, and the 2019 ICHSA Champions, InTONEnation to compete against the Open Regional winners.

Two Nights, Two Shows, WATCH LIVE from Harmony University

   Harmony University is well underway in Nashville, TN. Students of ALL ages are actively learning and performing for the best of the best. Honing their skills in singing, performing and leadership. This week brings together barbershop singers, music educators, music students, arrangers, doctors, lawyers and MANY more from all over the world for a once in a lifetime experience. At the end of the week two amazing shows feature performances ONLY to be found at Harmony University.