#TheoryThursday: Jacob Collier Is A Beast

#TheoryThursday: Jacob Collier Is A Beast

June Lee interviews jazz prodigy Jacob Collier on advanced music theory.

Apr 27, 2017 by Evan Feist
#TheoryThursday: Jacob Collier Is A Beast
Jacob Collier is Mozart-like prodigy who's quickly becoming one the greatest jazz musicians of our time.

His arrangements are beautiful; his compositions are unique -- and he's playful.

Collier is brilliant, and there's no doubt about that. But, his genius is more than just raw natural talent. As you can see in this interview conducted by his faithful transcriber, June Lee, Collier knows his stuff. Yes, he has perfect pitch and is an autodidact. But it's very clear that he has studied, experimented, and theorized.

Collier's beastliness comes from an incredibly rare blend of innate talent and extremely hard work.

Jacob Collier Breaks Down A Groove

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