EXCLUSIVE: Cast Of 'In Transit' Sings 'We Are Home' At After-Party

Before opening night, Kristen Anderson-Lopez gave each member of the "In Transit" creative team a pitch pipe tuned to a very specific frequency -- 528 Hz to be exact, which is known as the "love frequency." Whenever things got stressful during the rehearsal process of the show they first put up at NYMF, 12 years earlier, they would take a minute, play that note, and calm down.

Anderson-Lopez said, "As we were in rehearsals and I was finding myself sleeping less and less and worrying more and more, I looked for ways to practice what the show was preaching and be in the moment. I must've googled mindfulness and a cappella in some sort of way that caused this link to show up in my Facebook feed. I noticed how it was an amazing tool to calm down and breathe during some of the highest stress I've experienced in my life."

She went on to say, "Then as we were in previews and I saw the actors undergoing extreme stress with constantly changing lines, costumes, blocking and songs, I ordered one for each of them. I was saving it for opening night but we hit a particularly stressful patch during which we cut several of the little interstitial visual jokes and made things have to run even faster (like you want a show to do.) That day, I brought in the love tuners and left one on each dressing room table. We all surveyed previews and got to opening night and I like to think the love tuners played a part in that."

This is not only the note that hangs around their necks but also the first note of the production's song "We Are Home."

Immediately following the final curtain call of the initial Broadway run of "In Transit," the cast and crew met up at Spoonfed on W. 51st Street in New York City for an after-party. There, the cast gathered and sang "We Are Home" for the final time as a group. It was very emotional and extremely unplanned.

When something true gets set to music and put onstage, it becomes more true. And it's amazing to be a part of that.

"It's a rare and wonderful thing when you're able to collaborate on a piece of art over many years alongside dear friends," said Sara Wordsworth, one of the show's four co-writers and creators. "We are thrilled for the musical's special history, and it's unbelievable journey to the Broadway stage, making both Broadway and a cappella history." 

While we're sad to see the Broadway production close, we're extremely excited about sharing this piece via our cast album, and now having the opportunity to license the show for tours and productions worldwide.
Hollywood Records, the contemporary music label owned by Disney Music Group, has released the Original Broadway Cast album of "In Transit" digitally and you can get it HERE. The physical release is on June 9.

"As you can tell, this cast really loves each other and making music together... maybe more than any group I've ever met," co-writer and creator Russ Kaplan said. "And even though the run had to end sooner than we'd hoped, we're THRILLED with the cast album and we know the show will live on and keep finding new audiences."

"In Transit" has a book, music, and lyrics written by Academy Award winner Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Disney's "Frozen"), James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, and Sara Wordsworth. It features arrangements by Deke Sharon ("Pitch Perfect," "The Sing-Off") and music supervision by Rick Hip-Flores ("Rocky").

You are home to me and I promise, I'll always be home to you.

In Transit's Opening Number: Deep Beneath the City

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