Cluster: Like You Never Seen Them Before

Cluster: Like You Never Seen Them Before
Italian supergroup Cluster has been melting our faces and our hearts for over 10 years.

One of their most highly regarded songs is Cluster baritone Erik Bosio's setting of an Emily Dickinson poem entitled "224."

Dickinson didn't give titles to her poems, and they are instead referenced by number, hence the title of Bosio's piece.

"I've always liked writing music to poems," Bosio told FloVoice. "That how most of my more classical compositions happened (i.e. 'Never More Will The Wind,' recorded with The Ghost Files).

"The process is very simple, actually. Sometimes I read a poem and the music just comes to me, like it always existed.

I just write down what already exists 'in the air.'

"224" Live From The Living Room

While on their 2013 tour in New York, Cluster held a early-morning rehearsal of "224" in a completely different living room.  

It wasn't taken as seriously...  

Here's what happened:

"We know each other very well in Cluster," Bosio continued. "When somebody writes something, the others understand quickly what he or she intends with a chord or a melody.

"So, it was not hard for me to explain to them what I meant with the composition. Actually I hardly had to explain anything to them."

"224" Album Version from "Steps"

In the rehearsal video, we see Luca Moretti with Cluster, and in the live video we see Marco Meriggio.  

Although they are both very different people and singers, it wasn't hard at all for Marco to get used to singing with Cluster and vice versa.

"Different singers have different characteristics, and of course our concerts are a little different now, as the goal is to have Marco be himself, rather than Lucia's substitute," Bosio said.

Luca hasn't disappeared though. He's still involved with arranging and producing the group's albums with the rest of the Cluster. It's just a bigger team now.

Catch Cluster live at the National A Cappella Convention in Memphis, TN, this April!

Try Singing Cluster's "224" yourself!

You can find the sheet music here.


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