#Top10 Whistler Videos

#Top10 Whistler Videos
To many, it might seem like a mindless or even annoying habit, but there is a whole community that takes the art of whistling very seriously. There's even a world championship. Yeah, that's a thing.

Check out our picks for the top 10 whistling videos!

10. An Abridged History of Whistling

A countdown in its own right, this entertaining medley goes through popular songs from 1914 -2011 that feature whistling.

9. Greek Whistling Village

One of the craziest ways whistling can be used is as its own language. Check out out this village in Greece that whistles to communicate over large distances.

8. Ralph "Whistler" Giese

We've never seen anything like this! Dubbed "throat whistling" even though it's technically inaccurate.  He whistles through a groove in tongue against the roof of his mouth like a reed. He is incredibly entertaining to watch.

7. Romu Aoyagi

Romu Aoyagi won second place at the 2016 World Whistler's Convention. He's a guitar in this video, but he also doesn't care because he's studying so back off.

6. Roger Whittaker

Roger Whittaker is one of the best to ever do it. His tonguing technique (again, that's a thing) is unbelievably precise, and the speed he's able to achieve is mesmerizing. Try whistling a note and changing pitches just by flicking your tongue. Not so easy, is it?

5. Tracy "Insane Whistler" Echeverri

Tracy Echeverri is known as the "Insane Whistler." She also competed at the 2017 World Whistler's Convention. Here's a video she made of the famous piccolo solo from "Stars and Stripes Forever."

4. The Indian Whistler's Association

The Indian Whistler's Association always represents well. They have a strong delegation and won almost every category at the 2016 World Whistler's Convention. Check out the Reggaeton VP at the end!

3. Nikhil Rane

Speaking of the IWA, here's a different style of whistling from one of their members, Nikhil Rane. This style of between-the-teeth whistling utilizes the palette as a resonant space instead of the lips being the primary method of altering pitch.

2. Sam Nulton

Sam Nulton is a singer in various a cappella groups who discovered at a Harmony Sweeps competition that the emcee was a "professional whistler." When he realized he could do everything the "professional" was doing, he looked into competitions. He was the only American in the finals at the 2017 World Championships in Tokyo.

1. World Champion Whistler Geert Chatrou

It's generally agreed upon that Geert Chatrou is the best whistler in the world. He's so good that he doesn't even compete in the World Championships anymore. He judges them. He's won too many times, and it wouldn't be a fair fight anymore since his technique and precision is worlds ahead of everyone else.

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