Rockapella Tweaks Their Classic Hit

Rockapella Tweaks Their Classic Hit
Sometimes the news is scary. But sometimes it gets Rockapella to sing our favorite '90s TV theme song.

When asked how this came to exist, Rockapella's Jeff Thacher said:

CNN wrote an article with 'Where in the world is...' in the title, and one of the so-called 'rogue' U.S. government employee Twitter accounts (supposedly run by a White House staffer) tweeted that singing 'WITWI the Carl Vinson' was frowned upon... So we realized it was time to jump into action.

"We've been asked before to do this or that version of the theme song, and usually the only time we do so is on live radio shows to plug their station. But this time the zeitgeist demanded more.
Here's the theme song as it existed on "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

Thatcher continued, "We've been producing our bi-weekly '1-Minute Sessions' of covers and went for it. Sometimes Twitter must not be denied!

"It doesn't hurt that recently Netflix announced they were producing an animated "Carmen Sandiego" show, and we were getting inundated with tweets that they 'must' use us for the music. We'd love that! Stay tuned."

Check out Rockapella's other 1-Minute Sessions:

You know what to do.

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