#WorldlyWednesday: Cluster Breaks Boundaries

#WorldlyWednesday: Cluster Breaks Boundaries
If you were lucky enough to be in the audience for Boston Sings in 2016, odds are that your mind has been blown by these five ridiculous musicians from Genoa, Italy.

Even if you've seen them live and follow their Living Room Sessions on Facebook (the one linked here is one of their original songs called "224," and it's gorgeousness will melt every part of you), there are still so many of Cluster's performances that you may not yet know.

Enjoy The Silence
In June 2008, Cluster competed on the first seasons of "X Factor Italy." Their EP "Enjoy The Silence" contains most of the songs performed during their participation on the show.

Cluster Completes The YouTube Hits
It was New Year's Eve, and after a long night of singing and surfing YouTube, Cluster came across a video of a teenager singing directly into her webcam without an accompaniment.

Devoid of any backing track guiding her, she veered away from the initial key from which she started. The intervals she was singing were dissonant, and this gave Cluster an idea: If they write an arrangement for this very specific performance, perhaps they can find a way to help her performance make sense. Erik Bosio found a piano, started playing, and thus, a brilliant YouTube series was born: Cluster Completes the Hits.

When asked about how this series came to be, Bosio said:
Basically, these amateur videos made me feel stupid for thinking I knew what was 'right,' what was 'musical,' and what was not. I was playing the chords on the piano while the girl on YouTube was singing, and suddenly, she seemed like a very smart singer -- hitting all the very cool notes. It made me feel stupid for not realizing that sometimes we are very arrogant as musicians. Then, we had so much fun that we couldn't stop!
You can find the rest of the series here.

Guarda Come Dondolo Was Nico's (Nicola Nastos') Idea.
Bosio said:
Once again, it was all about musicians and their weird beliefs. In this case, it was about one genre being better than another. It was also about the lack of respect that musicians sometimes have when they approach a genre they don't usually engage with.

I think this need comes from our days studying classical music, when our teachers were trashing pop and jazz music without really knowing what they were hating so much. We, as musicians, HAVE to try new things. When we do, we must respect that specific genre. We can't just do what we think jazz or rock or R&B is.
Cluster was formed in 2004 at the Conservatorio Niccolo Paganini.  Over the past year, Cluster has been given the honor to perform and share the stage with Italian stars Andrea Bocelli, Mario Bondi, Gigi d'Alessio, Fiorello, Morgan, and many others.

What worldly group should we feature next Wednesday? Let us know in the comments below!

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