What To Expect During Show Week: A Sample Itinerary

What To Expect During Show Week: A Sample Itinerary
By Sam Bianco

Finally, it's show week! You've worked since August to get every move and note down cold, and now you get to share your show with all the other groups and see what they've come up with, too. Here's a sample itinerary for what you might be able to expect in the week leading up to the big performance day for your show choir.

Leading up to the show


9:30-10:30 AM -- Begin work on repairing/improving props and sets
Whenever props are used during rehearsal, there's a chance for something to break or go wrong, so it's important to have your sets and props in top shape. Often, choir members will sign out of studies during the school day to make sure the sets and props are ready. 

2-5:30 PM -- Girls choir dress rehearsal using score sheets from show
The girls group will be in full costume and run their entire show while the director and a dance captain score the group based on the score sheets for the following show. Once the choir receives their feedback, they work through the biggest issues and run their show for a grade again to see improvement.


2-3:30 PM -- Girls and mixed choirs vocal rehearsal with pit band
Both show choirs run their shows with the pit band to make sure tempos and musical transitions are clean and together and get both groups used to what they will hear at the show.

3:30-4:30 PM -- Girls choir show simulation with critique from mixed choir
The girls choir will put on their show in full costume with the mixed group as an audience. The first run allows for helpful hints and input, but the second run is "for real." This simulates the format of the shows, which allow a 30-minute "warm-up" before your performance to work through any last issues. The mixed choir critiques the performances like judges would.

4:30-5:30 PM -- Mixed choir show simulation with critique from girls choir
Same as above, but with the mixed choir performing and the girls critiquing. 


2-5:30 PM -- Mixed choir dress rehearsal using score sheets from show
Same as the girls dress rehearsal from Monday, but with the mixed group.

5:30-6:30 PM -- Set painting, prop finishing
Inevitably, something prop- or set-related has been damaged or remains unfinished, and it needs to get done.



8:30 AM -- Arrive at school
Captains check costumes to make sure nothing is forgotten. The pit loads the trailer with their equipment and the choir loads the props and sets.

9:15 AM -- Depart for competition

11 AM -- Arrive at show; begin putting on make-up and costumes

12 PM -- Girls choir warm-up/focus activities in room
I always take 20 minutes or so to make the choir relax and focus their energy before we go down to warm-ups. This time is usually a light vocal warm-up focusing on blending and breath while thinking through the parts of the show.

12:30 PM -- Girls choir run full show in warm-up room

1 PM -- Girls choir performance



1:30 PM -- Girls choir critique

4 PM -- Girls choir awards

6:30 PM -- Mixed choir warm up/focus activities in room
Same as the girls group: focus and warm up lightly.

7 PM -- Mixed choir runs full show in warm-up room

7:30 PM -- Mixed choir performance



8 PM -- Mixed choir critique

10 PM -- Mixed choir awards

10:30 PM -- Debrief both choirs on results and clean rooms
After the awards ceremony, we always debrief from the show. What did the choir think? What did the judges think? What are our next steps? Once the questions are answered, we clean the classrooms that the host school let us use. Leave it cleaner than you found it!

11 PM -- Depart show


12:45 AM -- Arrive home
Sleep as long as possible!
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